Effective Addiction Assessment & Counselling in The GTA

At Toronto Addiction Treatment Clinics, we provide addiction assessment and counselling services in the GTA to identify addiction problems at an early stage and suggest an appropriate treatment. Our addiction counselling service is a facilitative process which will help you to overcome any personal fears and anxiety which you may have been experiencing.

Our team of experts in addiction counselling will provide you with a confidential opportunity to discuss your relationship with an addictive substance or behaviour, and its impact on your life and the life of others you care for. Onsite counselling is available and provided by Brightside counselling. Our psychologists are available on Friday and Sunday by appointment.

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Addiction, Its Reasons, and Indications

Addiction is a state when an individual engages in an activity that may be pleasurable initially but has been escalated to an extent where life, work, relationships, and health are affected. It can be for substances like cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, and opiates. An addiction can be both physical and psychological. The factors that make an individual addicted are:

  • Emotional stress
  • Depression
  • A first-degree relative who has also suffered from addiction
  • Lack of social support and family

People suffering from addiction may behave differently and cause problems to themselves and people close to them. A few indications of addiction are:

  • Restricting the intake of drug or substance leads to physical problems like sweating, chills, muscle aches, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, and more
  • Inability to cut down on drug or continue using it despite being aware of its consequences
  • Increasing quantity and duration of a substance
  • Negative impact on family, social, work, and recreational activities

Addiction Treatments We Provide

There are multiple treatment options available at Toronto Addiction Treatment Clinics for addiction. In one such treatment, we prescribe methadone or Suboxone to replace the opiate in an individual who is addicted. The first phase is to aid in the physical effects of withdrawing from a substance to which an individual is addicted to. With our methadone or Suboxone maintenance program, the withdrawal symptoms are minimized or eliminated. During the second phase, counselling is provided to treat the psychological effects of addiction such as anxiety, irritability, and mood swings.

How Our Addiction Counselling Can Help an Individual?

Our addiction counselling aims:

  • To strengthen self-worth
  • To find positive ways to manage stressful events and emotions
  • To learn how to react to common substance and behavioural triggers
  • To develop practical skills for dealing with addiction cravings
  • To assist the individual with rebuilding trusting relationships with others
  • To become responsible and compliant with other treatment plans

Check videos to learn more about the addiction assessment and counselling provided at Toronto Addiction Treatment Clinics.